Since 2013, American Protein Specialists, LLC has provided protein manufacturers small, medium, and large with a variety of timely business development solutions. 

Our full-service business development team can use our extensive network of industry professionals to assist you in reaching the full potential of your organization. 

Always 100% Totally Confidential

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Please contact us for a free consultation to see if we can help you in any way. 

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Please send us your offerings on commodities and finished goods.  As we are in contact with our network of professionals daily, we often have avenues to sell distressed, close dated, surplus and #1 product that just needs a home.

Product Flow Design

APS can design product that fits an existing facility, provide equipment layouts for new construction, or reduce labor through automation.  We source equipment both new and used without the sellers knowledge of the purchaser and provide several options for each piece based on solely on the attributes and the value it brings to your production.

Grants and Loans

It is estimated that 30% of the $2 billion dollar Build Back Better program allocated to food processing will go unused by the private sector.  APS can guide you in finding the best program for your business, assist you in assembling the data,  and enter the data on the proper forms as required.

Business Development Consulting

As dedicated periodic consultants only a phone call away, APS has provided a wide arrange of services to food processing companies that are ready to take the next step.  We have experience in mergers, acquisitions, banking presentations, generational business relationships, emerging market analysis and product development.

Food Supply Chain Sourcing

A necessity to today's food manufacturers and end- users, American Protein Services uses a network of professionals throughout the nation that provide us with available food processing capacities and specific product demands of food service, convenience stores, and retail grocers.  Most recently, we have been focused on contracting for spot products needs and finding reliable secondary suppliers.

Feasibility Studies

Planning expansion or a new venture?  Often, an independent third party study can help management make objective, unbiased decisions as they consider the allocation of funds.  Historically, we have provided prompt and clear perspectives to assist on those critical decisions with full confidentiality.  These studies may be required or recommended by financial institutions, grant programs and government guaranteed loans.

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