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Please send us your offerings on commodities and finished goods.  As we are in contact with our network of professionals daily, we often have avenues to sell distressed, close dated, surplus and #1 product that just needs a home.


It is estimated that 30% of the $2 billion dollar Build Back Better program allocated to food processing will go unused by the private sector.  APS can guide you in finding the best program for your business, assist you in assembling the data,  and enter the data on the proper forms as required.

APS will constantly scan for programs to assist food processors that are funded and administered by local, state, and national government as well as NGO’s like economic development agencies and chambers of commerce.

Quite often, there is money available that is unused.  Often, business owners are unaware of the availability.  Once identified businesses may  lack the time or expertise to complete the extensive processes and paperwork involved in the application.  Once we understand your future plans, APS will search for programs that might fit your situation.  Once a likely program is vetted, we typically supply you with the information that we will need for the applications and use our experience to prepare your submittal.  On your behalf, we attend seminars and webinars on a variety of food processing related informational presentations.

Over the last twelve months, we have helped food processors apply for the $500 million dollar MPPEP and MPIRG programs.  More programs of a similar type are opening quarterly and semi-annually